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A specialised supplier of innovative and effective marine scrubbers

Are you looking for high-quality marine scrubbers for your vessels? Then you are at the right place at Europiren B.V. This company is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and is specialised in innovative magnesium minerals for industrial, environmental, and agricultural applications. Marine scrubbers are an economical and environmentally friendly solution to remove sulfur oxides from the exhaust gas of ship engines. This way, you can optimally protect air and water quality, both in the short and the long term. Do you want to know which products are the best solution to your problems in the marine industry? Do not hesitate to enquire after the possibilities and ask for advice.

Meet all the legislations for preventing sulfur pollution

Sulfur originates from the burning of heavy fuels and pollutes the environment through the formation of sulfur dioxide SO2. Since 2015, the limits have been set for sulfur oxides (SOx) in so-called Sulfur Emission Control Areas (SECAs). Ever since, marine vessels have faced these legislations and other areas outside the SECAs must comply with these new regulations (2020) too. With innovative marine scrubbers from Europiren B.V., you are able to meet all requirements by cleaning the exhaust gases from your vessels. Also known as exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS), marine scrubbers are an effective way to prevent pollution. Hybrid and closed-loop scrubbers are becoming more popular solutions because they are in compliance with IMO 2020. This is in contrast to open-loop marine scrubbers, which continue to be banned in many countries.

Learn more about their products

The marine scrubbers include natural magnesium hydroxide MagTreat-S. This is a safe and efficient alkali for application in exhaust gas cleaners. Are you interested in the products from Europiren B.V. and do you want to learn more about the efficiency of these marine scrubbers? Get in touch with their specialists and ask all your questions. This company works directly with the manufacturer and can guarantee stable prices for their customers across the world.

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